Weightlifting shoes or sneakers? What to choose for training?

If we are talking about weightlifting (or barbell classes in the gym), crossfit or powerlifting - these sports are quite dangerous and their activities are accompanied by putting a lot of stress on the body. One of the ways to protect yourself and lighten the load is to choose the right training shoes - weightlifting shoes

Perhaps some have the opinion that weightlifting shoes are another marketing move of sports brands or a necessity for practicing sports at a more professional level.

But the catch is that working with heavy weight involves a very heavy load on the athlete's feet. In shoes with soft soles, the feet collapse under the load, and in some, they completely move to the side. Such deformation can cause serious injury.

Weightlifting shoes are characterized by a very hard sole and strong fixation of the foot, so their presence is not a luxury, but an obvious necessity.

Why can't you squat in sneakers?

If you work in soft sneakers, the ankles will constantly tend to collapse inward, which will eventually lead to valgus deformity - collapse of the knees. The inward collapse of the foot occurs when there is excessive pressure on its inner part, due to which the arch of the foot begins to flatten.

So train safely for your health, use weightlifting shoes! We advise you to familiarize yourself with the Ukrainian brand Zhabotinsky, which is chosen by both professional athletes and beginners.