Volodymyr Stetsyuk:

- I am sometimes asked: "Why do you train with weightlifting shoes, if you are not a weightlifter and have not been a powerlifter for a very long time?" I answer this question as follows:

1. I squat 3 times a week, including not only with a barbell on my back, but also on my chest. I have far from ideal mobility of the ankle joints and lack of flexibility in the thoracic spine. Weightlifting shoes allow me to squat with the desired amplitude for me, and to reach all the optimal angles between the body and hips, hips and shins, etc. ... variable risk for the health of the joints ... Thus making my squats much more efficient and effective;

2. At least 2 times a week, I do a barbell on my chest and once a deadlift. For a number of obvious reasons, it is more comfortable for me to perform deadlifts in shoes with a low-profile flat sole, or even barefoot, but I only perform barbell chest lifts in weightlifting shoes. Because all weightlifting exercises are complex highly coordinated movements that require your body to have good stability, conduction, which also depends on the stability of the foot. Well, the stability of the foot depends a lot on the stability and reliability of your shoes, which are barbells;

3. Three times in 2 weeks of training, I press the barbell standing and lying down in a power style and about the same amount of pull the barbell in an incline and a number of other pulling dorarmed exercises ... It would seem that what is the connection between the weightlifting shoes and exercises for the shoulder girdle? But there is definitely a connection, and every security officer understands it. After all, the strength of your shoulders and arms depends on the strength they receive from the center of the body and from the legs. Therefore, the closer the contact with the ground and the more stable your foot, the stronger the conduction of impulses from the toes to the fingers. And only running shoes and any soft sports shoes, on the contrary, absorb the contact of the foot with the surface of the ground, because they are created specifically for running or jumping, but not for strength training. Therefore, if you work with a barbell, then the weightlifting shoes are the main component in your equipment;

4. Even if you do not perform complex basic exercises with a barbell or with a kettlebell, but simply pump biceps with a dumbbell at home, know that weightlifting shoes are your protection, support and the way to your dream, goal and ...;

5. It remains to choose only good quality shoes in which it will be comfortable to train and not even be ashamed to go out in front of people ☝️ For example, I chose weightlifting shoes from "Zhabotinsky"