We motivate and energize Ukrainian athletes!

On August 18, we held a presentation by Zhabotibsky for the men's and women's weightlifting teams of Ukraine. Everyone was given a book about the life and path to victory of the two-time Olympic weightlifting champion Leonid Zhabotynsky "I am Ukrainian" to motivate and inspire young people to new achievements in sports, and to share the experience of how to go through the difficult path to victory to become an Olympic champion.

On the picture:

The entire weightlifting team of Ukraine
Erjas Boltaev is the head coach of the men's national team
Yuriy Kuchynov is the head coach of the women's national team
Ruslan Zhabotinsky - founder of TM Zhabotinsky, author of the book "I am a Ukrainian" (to familiarize yourself with the book and purchase it, go to zhabotinsky.com)