The champions of Ukraine and the coach are testing the first Ukrainian weightlifting shoes, which were created taking into account the requirements of the sports discipline. Previously, weightlifters were forced to use shoes, the quality of which did not always meet the standards. Most of the mistakes on the way to victory in weightlifting are related to the stability of the sole and cushioning, say the champions.

Oleksandr Slobodyanyuk, senior coach of the National Weightlifting Team of Ukraine among cadets, MSMK:
- The main requirements for shoes for weightlifters are strong materials, stable support, high orthopedic properties and, of course, an original design. For training and performances, we try to choose leather models, because leather is stronger than any other material.  Zhabotinsky weightlifting shoes are made entirely of leather and will easily provide an alternative to Adidas weightlifting shoes, which have had a very short service life in the last few years. Today, our athletes are testing the first Ukrainian weightlifting shoes and we are pleasantly surprised by the quality.

Daryna Kuzminykh, the current champion of Ukraine in weightlifting, a pupil of L.Zhabotinsky school (coach of the Ukrainian MSMK national team, Oleksandr Slobodyaniuk):

-  In the TM Zhabotinsky model, there is a rather large drop from the bowl to the heel, which greatly distinguishes these weightlifting shoes from all the others in which I train. A stable hard sole is the main requirement for shoes for a person who pushes a barbell. The leg is ventilated. When I was handed the weightlifting shoes, it took a few days of training to get used to the shoes. During the performance at the regional championship in weightlifting, I did not feel the usual load on my calf muscles and feet. I am sure that these sneakers will be suitable for beginners and professional weightlifters

*In May 2017, TM Zhabotinsky presented the first model of weightlifting shoes in energetic white and orange colors. The leather surface of the new model copes better with ventilation, and the flexible sole system provides increased stability. The high shock-absorbing properties of the sole preserve and return the athlete's energy with every movement. Today, in 2023, weightlifting shoes have long been tested, taking into account the wishes of athletes, and are widely sold.