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Anatomic Sneakers Zhabotinsky, white

In stock
SKU: 063
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Manufacturer Zhabotinsky. HANDMADE
Dimensions box 35х25х13 сm
The weight 1.1 kg
Manufacturer country Ukraine

Glad to imagine - the most comfortable shoes! anatomical sneakers Zhabotinsky

Suitable for those who need to be on their feet for more than 4 hours every day. The best option for daily use.

ZHABOTINSKY is always handmade and high quality!

*All sizes in stock or to order (production 7 working days)

✔️ The area of ​​the sock in the sneakers has free space, which is very important for the normal location of the toes, removing pressure from the big toe.
✔️ The sole is made of elastic material that bends just enough to avoid
flat feet, but at the same time protects the foot from shocks and pressure.
✔️Anatomical leather insole adjusts to the position of the foot and repeats its relief. Helps to distribute and reduce the load on the muscles,
thanks to which you feel light when walking.
✔️ Maximum adaptation to the shape of the foot - soft materials, comfortable lacing, insole - all this
ensures the adaptation of shoes to the individual characteristics of the foot.
- upper material - high-quality genuine leather
- soft lining that does not rub the skin, does not cause allergies and irritations;
- hard back, fixing the heel in the correct position
- comfortable sole
- anatomical insole

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