What makes Zhabotinsky weightlifting shoes different from others

1. Manual work, which guarantees the high quality of the weightlifting shoes
2. Genuine leather of premium quality, which makes them durable and wear-resistant
3. Soft and comfortable in the middle thanks to the aero fabric. Does not rub anything.
4. Perforation in the area of ​​the fingers and special insoles (in 2022 models), thanks to which the feet breathe. They provide comfort and ease during training.
* We also include a small gift - spray deodorant for shoes in each box
5. Our signature sole with an optimal lift of up to 3 cm, which guarantees balance, is light and wear-resistant at the same time, grips the surface at 100% and does not slip. It is equipped with a special point for a sharp change in the direction of movement
6. All weightlifting shoes unequivocally charge you with the energy of strength, because they are designed taking into account the experience of the two-time Olympic weightlifting champion Leonid Zhabotynskyi, who put a part of his soul into this brand.

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