1. According to p. Article 1 of the Law of Ukraine "On the Protection of Consumer Rights":

The warranty period is the period during which the manufacturer (seller) undertakes to carry out free repair or replacement of the corresponding product in connection with its introduction into circulation.

Service life - the calendar term of product use for its intended purpose, during which the manufacturer guarantees its safety and is responsible for significant defects caused by his fault. The service life is equal to the warranty period.

In the event that defects are detected during the established warranty period, the manufacturer (seller) acts in accordance with Art. And Art. 8 of the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights". In the event of the expiration of the warranty period, appeals regarding defects are not considered.

The warranty period of wearing (use) is calculated from the day of sale:

14 days from the date of purchase (for clothing)

30 days from the day of purchase (for shoes)

Extended warranty of 365 days (for weightlifting shoes) *Applies subject to the following rules:

1️⃣ There are no at-fault damages
consumer Only a clear production defect is visible

*Manufacturing defect - the main detected defects of a manufacturing nature, as a result of which the barbells cannot be used as intended

Considered a defect or manufacturing defect:
- the sole is not properly glued
- the heel is not set correctly
- the leather has cuts
- the lining is poorly glued or stitched
- shoe parts are not correctly placed, seams are not connected
- there is damage to parts through, cracking, peeling of the material of the top or lining

❗️There is no shortage:
- traces of glue at the place of gluing of the rod parts
- the raw side edges of the tongue and the inner part of the shoe are a production technology
- minor defects: a dot, a thread, a drop of glue, an imperfectly even seam, which is not visible when the shoes are on the foot and does not affect the wearing of the weightlifting shoes
- a gap at the joint of the welt. Rant - a decorative tape that connects the sole with the top of the shoe and does not carry any functional load

2️⃣ Compliance with the conditions of operation and care of weightlifting shoes:

Cleaning: regularly clean the weightlifting shoes from dirt and dust using a soft brush or a damp sponge. Make sure the shoes are completely dry before cleaning. It is forbidden to wash the dumbbells in the washing machine, and also to use chemicals (alkalis, acids, active solvents) for cleaning.

Leather care: use special products for the care of smooth skin that help preserve its softness and shine, apply a small amount of product to a soft cloth and gently wipe over the entire surface of the sticks, then wipe with a dry, clean cloth.

Protection against moisture: to protect against moisture and stains, it is recommended to use special shoe protection products, apply them to clean and dry shoes before the first use and repeat the process as necessary

Storage: Store the sticks in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent the skin from fading. Use insoles to keep shoes in shape

Usage: Wear weightlifting shoes only unlaced (unfastened), use shoe horns - this will help prevent the back seam from tearing and keep the shape of the straps. Do not take off your shoes without untying them and stepping on the heel - this prevents the sole from coming off.

If the above rules of operation and care are observed, TM Zhabotinsky guarantees the high quality of weightlifting shoes during the service life.

3️⃣ Availability of complete packaging (branded box, tags, accessories for barbells, if such were included in the set)

4️⃣ Availability of a document confirming the purchase

❗️The warranty does not cover replaceable parts: lacing, insoles, accessories

WARNING! To find out the causes of damage, we invite an expert bureau. If the manufacturer's fault is proven, we undertake to fulfill our warranty obligations. If the expert's opinion is not in favor of the buyer (attempted self-repair, external damage, etc.), the shoes are removed from the warranty and the buyer pays for the examination.

When contacting the seller with a claim or return in the cases established by the Law of Ukraine "On the Protection of Consumer Rights", the buyer must provide:
- clean products packed in a branded individual box
- all components
- confirming the product purchase document

After the end of the warranty period, claims about defects are not considered