In 2015, in honour of the great weightlifter champion, his son Ruslan Zhabotinsky registered. the Zhabotinsky trademark.

Leonid Zhabotinsky is the world's first two-time Olympic champion in heavyweight weightlifting, the strongest man on the planet of the twentieth century, the idol of Arnold Schwarzenegger and millions of people around the world.

Get in touch with the legend, charge yourself with the energy of Zhabotinsky's power!

Products TM Zhabotinsky is designed specifically for training in the gym, powerlifting, strongman, weightlifting, kettlebell lifting, etc.


We produce:

• handmade weightlifting shoes made of genuine leather

• athletic HANDMADE belts made of genuine leather

• AUTHOR'S T-shirts, T-shirts, baseball caps, shorts

Our motto is the energy of strength in every stitch! Our mission is to charge you for victories and improve your sports achievements with the help of special shoes (weightlifting shoes) and clothes that are comfortable for training.

Why choose us?

1. Handmade

We use 90% of hand work.

All weightlifting shoes models are made of premium quality genuine leather. Clothes are made from high quality cotton

We can make your weightlifting shoes of any size in 7 working days

2. Quality assurance

We guarantee absolute quality for weightlifting shoes. Zhabotinsky weightlifting shoes meet IWF standards and will serve you for many years.

Buying any branded clothing, weightlifting shoes or weightlifting belt from us, you are guaranteed to get an original product of high quality.

3. Uniqueness

Stylish designer shoes/clothing by Zahbotinsky allows you to express yourself, and also provides comfort during training and is suitable for every person who loves sports or maintains an active, healthy lifestyle.

Our products are designed to improve your results. Even the smallest detail counts.

4. Reputation

Our brand comes from Ukraine, production is located in Zaporizhzhia. Since 2015 we have been working for you and continue to improve.

We value our well-deserved reputation as a reliable manufacturer and never disappoint our customers. We listen to your wishes in order to meet all your expectations.

People around the world, both amateurs and professional athletes, train in Zhabotinsky weightlifting shoes and T-shirts.

Powerlifting professionals and the Ukrainian Weightlifting Federation have already become our customers.

5. Worldwide shipping.

We are global! From 2021, we are pleased to present our complete product catalog to the international community.

You just need to place an order, and our managers will make sure that you receive your purchase as quickly as possible. Be sure - you will receive the goods regardless of your place of residence, because we cooperate with the most popular courier services all over the World.

6. High quality for an adequate price.

We guarantee the high quality of each product, each unit of production undergoes the most thorough control.

We constantly expand the range and monitor the market dynamics, making our models and prices be the most competitive