At the 1968 Summer Olympics games the famous Ukrainian weightlifter Leonid Zhabotinsky became a two-time Olympic champion

Excerpt from L. Zhabotynsko's book "At the top of Olympus":

The moment of testing came - Piket was the first to appear on the platform and the audience met him with a storm of applause, because he promised to beat Zhabotinsky himself. A tall, strong American approached the projectile and did a press. But he didn't get this kind of movement, even after three attempts and was out of the game. Then George Dube approached the projectile and it seemed that he would raise the barbell, because the press is his signature number, but again, failures.

 - In weightlifting, tactics take up no less space than in running, boxing and other sports. I have not yet reached the platform, but I have already won. Finally announced - Zhabotinsky! I relaxed my body, stood for half a minute, looked into the hall. There were 200 kg on the bar, which is more than the Olympic record owned by Vlasov. I resolutely tightened my belts, sat down and grabbed the iron bar, determination froze on my face and the bar in my hands floated up - there is a new Olympic record! To applause, I left the platform thinking, what will the rivals do next?

   Unfortunately, during the last approach, I injured my right knee and literally before my eyes it began to swell, I had to urgently bandage the injured area more tightly.
    American Joseph Dube happily jumped on the platform and also survived 200 kg, the struggle escalated. In the second movement, Dube successfully coped with the weight of 145 kg, but when the bar was 150 he was weak, his bar fell and it was my turn. I asked to put on 170 kg, took a deep breath and vigorously took the barbell. In the snatch, I managed to break away from Dube.

   I had a calculation for the synthesis of technique and strength, and this did not let me down. Overcoming the pain, I tore the shell off the floor and after a moment of 170 kg the bar froze over my head. The American took 145 kg, a significant difference of 25 kg now.

   The Belgian Serge Reding was also moving towards the silver medal, who was only 2.5 kg behind Dube. Now there was one intrigue - the struggle for second place. When Joe brought the weight to 210 kg, his total in treh exercised was 550 kg. But at that moment,  Serge Reding did the impossible and lifted 212.5 kg. Thus, both of my opponents showed an equal result of 555 kg behind me by 17.5 kg. Being lighter than the American, the Belgian became the owner of the Olympic silver medal, the American had to be content with bronze.

  I was preparing for a fight with strong opponents, I assumed that I could lose the pressure to the Americans, but after two moves I was significantly separated from the main competitors and the nervousness disappeared, I pushed 202.5 kg in the last move and I showed a total of 572.5 kg, the gold was secured, this was my main goal at the Olympics in Mexico City