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Leonid Zhabotinsky's autobiographical printed book "At the Top of Olympus"

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SKU: 054
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Manufacturer Zhabotinsky
Material Printed book
Dimensions А5
The weight 300 g
Manufacturer country Ukraine

The book, written by the strongest man on the planet - two-time Olympic champion Leonid Zhabotinsky, reveals a multidimensional panorama of the development of domestic and world weightlifting sports for more than half a century. Against the background of vivid autobiographical episodes of life that are closely intertwined with the sports and personal fate of many famous athletes, famous coaches and others, the author tells about the education of fighting qualities, willpower, reveals the peculiarities of the preparation for the competition and the psychology of the "battle atlantes.

The book is illustrated with unique photographs, which together with the author depicted notable personalities - government and political leaders, military leaders, cosmonauts, scientists, cultural figures, domestic and foreign athletes.


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