In November 2015, the World Weightlifting Championship was held in Houston (USA). There I presented a book about my father Leonid Zhabotinsky in English. Another buyer approached me and began to look at me very carefully, then said that he wanted to buy a T-shirt that was on me (with the inscription Zhabotinsky), as it turned out later, it was the famous level 5 weightlifting coach Glenn Pendlay

I asked why he needed this T-shirt and why he sniffed it, to which he replied: “You don’t understand - you are the son of the greatest athlete and the strongest man on the planet, you have his genes and blood. I won’t even wash this T-shirt - so I'll hang it on my wall like a museum piece. It's very valuable for me" In the end, I gave him this T-shirt, and he gave me his.

During the 9 days of the championship, we sold 800 copies of books. And I realized that despite the fact that Leonid Zhabotinsky was a champion 50 years ago, his name still lives on and is highly respected among athletes.

This incident was the reason why we started making clothes and shoes for weightlifters with the name Zhabotinsky

And in 2017, at the Ukrainian junior weightlifting championship, which was held in Zaporozhye, I made the first presentation of our brand #Zhabotinsky.