☑️ Research that was conducted at one of the universities of Michigan proved that three stable workouts per week for 60 days are enough and blood pressure returns to normal

 ☑️ Since bones begin to lose mass and weaken with age, it is precisely these types of training that improve their strength and strengthen the bone skeleton.

 ☑️ With age, muscle mass begins to be replaced by fatty tissue, the body becomes flabby and unattractive, but strength training slows down this process, and with active regular classes, it stops completely.

  ☑️ Starting from the age of 30 and up to the age of 65, a man's joints and muscles lose up to 50% of their flexibility. During active strength training, the flexibility of the main joints increases by an average of 30% over the same period.

 ☑️ With age, we also lose strength, and weight training helps to preserve this strength.

 ☑️ During research, it was found that during active strength sports in people of the same age, the insulin level was 25% lower than in those who simply did gymnastic exercises

 ☑️ The interesting thing is that just 2 workouts per week, which are performed consistently for 18 weeks, will significantly speed up the metabolism. During this time, you can lose up to 10 kilograms of fat.

 ☑️ Strength training will help you improve your mood and relieve tension.