Way back in 1970 I was one of three American Lifters invited to participate in a International Invitational Championship in Kyiv, Ukraine.

 I had been training very hard for this competition and was in excellent shape and very focused on making some big lifts. I had already received my travel  Itinerary and ready to go. 

But at the last minute. Day before I received a phone call from Mr John Terpak, York Barbell Company Executive that the US State Dept. in Washington  DC canceled our trip. There were travel issues warnings as the reasons for the cancelations that left me puzzled. A great opportunity lost.

I remember lifting against the Great Soviet lifter Leonid Zhabotinsky in the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City. He defeated  me at those games winning Gold and I winning Bronze. The year after 1969 I had the chance of a lifetime and grabbed the Gold back in USA Hands.

Zhabotinsky was from the Ukraine. He was quiet a Hero back in his country in those days. His son  Ruslan Zhabotinsky is a friend of mine here on Facebook and I sent him the other day well wished and prayers for him and his family in the Ukraine. 

I'm asking my friends here on FB to keep him and all other Ukrainians in their prayers. THANK YOU ALL AND GOD BLESS.  Picture of me and Zhabo on the victory stand in Mexico

Joe Dube, Sr.