Men’s t-shirt with print Zhim Lift (limited edition)


Designer T-shirts from a strong brand Zhabotinsky.

Exclusive new t-shirt with a high-quality designer print. Experimentally released in a limited quantity (limited edition).

Size 52 (XL)

Knitted fabric from 95% cotton with the addition of 5% elastane is durable and durable to use, does not cause allergies, well passes the air, allows the skin to breathe and perfectly absorbs moisture. Stylish monochromatic t-shirt for every day, can be worn with jeans, pants, shorts Also suitable for sports and outdoor activities.

With optimal density (175 g / m?), you will feel comfortable during workouts and everyday wear. A free cut does not constrain your movements, provides comfort for every action. High-quality material takes moisture out, leaving the body dry. Print quality allows you to withstand over 200 washes.

Print is developed with environmentally friendly pigment compositions, which allows to achieve 100% of the effect (breathable fabric), since the heat exchange between the t-shirt and the human body is not disturbed.


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