EBook MY FATHER – LEONID ZHABOTINSKY 159 pages (english) (PDF)


abstract of the book “MY FATHER – LEONID ZHABOTINSKY”

My father is a world famous athlete era 60-70-ies of XX century, double Olympic champion in weightlifting, six-time world champion, twice European champion, five-time champion of the USSR, the author of 21 world records, honored master of sports of the USSR. And this meant that I, Ruslan Jabotinsky, was jealous of all the boys happy in the Soviet Union and abroad. Except, perhaps, children of General Secretary of the Central Committee of the party. Huge and strong like a father figure to represent the power and glory of the Soviet Union, was a proof of the prosperity and the inviolability of the great Eurasian power.

But I am his first – born is in poor health, skinny boy suffered from the fact that the father was seen very rarely, a few times a year and more often on screen than in person. We lived in Zaporizhia, in a house located near the cinema “Star” prospect. Lenin. In our family, the only local inhabitants, was black and white TV, so all the neighbors came to our house to watch shows, especially sporting events.


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